RUles & Frequently Asked Questions.

What to expect:

Networking! We believe in building #CommunityOverCompetition! It is definitely a good thing to come and talk about your business and what you do. We want to know! This is also a place to share ideas, challenges and resources within our respective businesses. Everyone is a source of wisdom and we can all learn from each other. However, it is our goal to keep conversations business-related and in the spirit of uplifting our fellow girl bosses. Consider the group a give-and-take relationship - offer up a helping hand to a girl boss when she needs it and she will do the same for you.

You may, for example:

  • Share what you're up to - a vendor fair you'll be attending, a workshop / event you're offering, as well as any special SSGBC promotions you're offering.

  • Ask questions about a project you're working on or a client or customer sticky situation you need some advice about, start a poll for a vote on opinions, invite collaborations, etc.

Our group is not about:

Direct sales pitches, competition or being added to lists or groups without prior consent (spamming). As we learn about each other, we will want to support each other's businesses and become customers. This happens naturally - without the sales pitches. Because we want to keep conversations dialed in to business matters, please do not share personal posts within our group either.

You may not, for example:

  • Ask your fellow girl bosses to share or help promote your latest vendor fair, event or promotion. Or, promote your services and ask girl bosses to purchase from you, sign up for your class or event, sell your products at meetings, etc. You also may not include specific pricing details in your product/event posts.

  • Add girl bosses to other Facebook groups without their prior consent if you met them through the OGC (a prior close friendship and mutual understanding didn't exist already).

  • Sign up girl bosses to your email distribution lists (email newsletters) without their consent - also a potential violation of the United States' CAN-SPAM Compliance Act.


Visit the "Apply" page on this website and fill out the online application. Then, please attend our next applicant screening meeting - these dates can be located on the homepage. We’ll enjoy cocktails and food while you meet and mingle with our screening team of valued members who will ask you several questions to determine if we’re the right fit for you & vice versa. If accepted, we will add you to our super secret Facebook group where group members collaborate and we send out event invites for you to formally RSVP!


When you join the SSGBC, you are joining a tight-knit group of girl bosses enthusiastic about helping and supporting each other. However, we understand that many of our girls have busy, busy lives running businesses with side hobbies, growing their families, moving into homes, the list goes on.

We also know that not all ladies are in the Olympia, Washington area and may not be able to meet in-person all the time. Even if you can't make it to a physical meeting every month, please attempt to stay active in the Facebook group and comment back when a girl boss posts a referral request/shares something exciting. After 6 consecutive missed monthly meetings (viewed as inactivity in the group), you will be removed from the group. Similarly, if you continually RSVP to meetings and inevitably a seat is saved for you but you continually no-show, you will also be removed after 6 consecutive no-shows. If illness, family emergencies or other circumstances have arisen that prevent you from attending for an extended period of time, please discuss the matter with your co-leaders.

We are not a social Facebook group that allows its members to come and go as they please. We are the closest thing to a membership-based group without charging a membership fee! Many of us dedicate countless hours (and $$$) to this endeavor and would love your respect and understanding of this.

If at any point you notice that you cannot engage with posts in the group and aren't making it to meetings more often than you are, please kindly remove yourself and shoot a quick message to Olivia or Kathryn with the heads up. :)

How Do You Define "Female"?

As stated on our homepage, we are made up of ladies from a variety of backgrounds, including gender expressions. Anyone who identifies as a female is warmly accepted and encouraged in our group (this includes trans women… duh!) In addition, self-proclaimed "tomboys", masculine and/or androgynous, and non-binary women are also warmly welcomed and are seen as no different than their cisgender or feminine counterparts.

A sad reality, gender identity and binaries are still widely accepted social constructs in our society, and while we hope to see the day when we don't have to clarify "what a female is," let alone continue to operate our group, we want to make it extremely clear that all "women" are welcome in our safe space while supportive female spaces are inarguably necessary.

Therefore, we do not open our group to anyone who identifies as male or non-female. Our purpose is to speak to the disadvantages women face in the workforce and in the world as a whole. Worth noting, those who are non-binary in expression face this oppression at incredibly higher rates. As a firm policy, we will not tolerate prejudice of any kind, in any matter - anyone who expresses any sort of micro or macro-aggressions will be immediately removed from our group. This will be a safe and positive space for all of our members.


Because we have to book locations far ahead of time, we'd prefer it if you could RSVP as quickly as possible after the event pages are released on Facebook. Some outings involve catering or private chefs, therefore we need to know how many mouths to account for and therefore how many people to bill. If you are unable to make it to a meeting with a required RSVP, please consider "donating" your spot to another girl boss (especially if you paid already!).


In order to join the SSGBC, the one requirement is that you MUST be a licensed business owner in Washington State through the Department of Revenue - and we request your UBI upon acceptance to the group. If you plan on filing for your business license within 15 days of joining the group, we will welcome you with open arms!

I’m the leader of a nonprofit organization. CAN I JOIN?

Yes! Nonprofits have UBI numbers just like businesses, we just need your UBI to confirm your leadership with the nonprofit and you’ll be on your way to joining.


Corporate MLM businesses function very differently from traditional incorporations or sole-proprietorships and therefore the SSGBC tries to limit the amount of active MLM gals we accept. In this moment, we are not accepting MLM ladies.

We also want to stress how important it is for YOU to receive the support and knowledge that will best help you along your business journey. We discuss a lot of traditional business-owning themes during our meetings: taxes, marketing, pricing and the like. If you don't have a need for this discussion, the group may not serve as positive for you as it would for a non-MLM owner.


At the moment, being a member of the SSGBC is free of charge but will be changing to a paid dues system in the near future as we work to obtain our 501(c)3 status. For now, we expect you to simply pay for your own meals (and/or alcohol, if you wish) or contribute to potlucks at each meeting depending on the venue setup.


Lots of love and laughter, of course! Also pretty darn good booze and food and a whole lotta variety. We love rotating venues and trying new venues (shout-out to those with their own storefronts and restaurants!) that mean something special to our girl bosses. We are so moved by how much we learn about you when you host us in your sacred spaces and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to see you in your best element.

Our girls are sweethearts, full of wisdom and humor. Expect to feel a bit nervous when you enter the room (and give your 30-second introduction and elevator speech when we go around the circle) - it’s TOTALLY normal. But also equally expect for the dust to settle almost instantly and for you to sink in as though you are truly HOME — part of the SSGBC family in a split second.

Each month, a new speaker gives a "mini lesson”, about 20 minutes duration focused around their business talents or one of the skills they indirectly gained from having a business. Be prepared to take notes if the lesson is of particular relevance to you.


Because we aren't a traditional "networking" group, we do NOT allow any promotional materials of any kind (sales, promos, etc.) unless someone outwardly requests the referral or the promotion is exclusive to the SSGBC, and we also do not accept sales. You may however bring business cards (and we encourage this!) or freebie samples of your products/a free offering.

Can I use the photos taken of me through the group?

Our volunteer photography sponsors are generous gals who have donated their time and talents to the SSGBC out of the goodness of their hearts. When you join the group and show dedication, you will receive a complimentary headshot. Throughout time, you will inevitably be photographed at our monthly meetings and you may discover that you like photos of yourself from those events, too! You are allowed to use our photographers’ images of you / the group on your personal and business social media pages with proper credit, however any further reproduction or use of photos must be approved by legal binding contract with said photographer.

What happens when someone violates the terms listed on this page?

We operate on a 3-strike basis. Hey - we aren't just bad cops! We want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. After three reminders of improper activity, the fourth time a girl boss violates our terms, she will be removed from the group.

Have another pressing question? Use our contact form to inquire!
We can't wait to hear from you :)